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Kikyo-shaped Korin Crane Obidome

Kikyo-shaped Korin Crane Obidome

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◇ Kikyo-shaped Korin Crane ◇
At first glance, it looks like a bellflower, but...
If you look closely at the petals, they look like a [crane], which is a very auspicious pattern.Cranes are a symbol of marital harmony and longevity.
*This is a family crest.It's a great design, so I chose it and expressed it in silver in a semi-stereoscopic style.

Approximately 25 mm long x 25 mm wide

silver 950

◆Width of band to match◆
three-quarter string

◆Precautions for use◆
☆When not using for a long period of time, lightly wipe away sweat and oil with a cloth and store in a zippered plastic bag to prevent it from turning black.
☆ If the silver part becomes black, please clean it frequently with a cloth for polishing precious metals or a liquid cleaner.

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