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Kyoto Signature Bamboo Bottle Stand Gold (Gold)

Kyoto Signature Bamboo Bottle Stand Gold (Gold)

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  • Bottle stand that stands on its own when a bottle is inserted
  • Kyo-Yuzen gold-painting craftsmen apply gold-painting to Kyoto-name bamboo "Shiratake" using a technique called "sunago".
  • Apply adhesive to the part you want to express, put foil in a cylinder with a wire mesh on the bottom, and shake it off with a brush or brush.
  • Bamboo, which can handle gold leaf without being affected by static electricity, is also used for tools such as tubes.
  • The expression of each finish changes depending on delicate techniques such as the amount and amount of force with which the foil is shaken off.
  • Dedicated long black paper box (with logo mark) *The box will be wrapped in white Japanese paper.

There is a risk of tipping over, so please use it in a stable place when using it.
Since bamboo is a natural material, it has a unique shape and scratches. note that.

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