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Gold-colored fan foil image2 white

Gold-colored fan foil image2 white

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cool off elegantly
  • An elegant folding fan with a gold color on a white background.
  • Whether you like Japanese taste or want to cool down elegantly in your daily life, you can use it like a jewelry that does not interfere with fashion.
  • It is a product that is close to the modern lifestyle that can be used for stylish everyday use or as a gift.

foil drawing series
  • A summer fan that brings coolness and sophistication to your daily life with a simple and sophisticated color scheme and a modern Japanese design.
  • The size is convenient to carry, the color of the bamboo, the form when closed, and the number of ribs.

having a fan
  • Folding fans have been incorporated into the etiquette of the arts and samurai society, and have always been worn as a part of the heart of the Japanese people, just like the sword.
  • In today's busy world, when the richness of each individual's heart is being reconsidered, as an option, how about incorporating into your daily life the identity of what the Japanese feel is beautiful and how they have lived?

  • Fan surface Japanese paper, medium gold leaf
  • Fan bone grilled soot bamboo

  • 7 sun (approximately 21 cm × 1.2 cm) maximum width approximately 36 cm
  • The size is convenient for both men and women.
  • When you open it and look at it, you can smell the Japanese scent.
  • Exclusive boxed

☆Because each piece is handmade, there may be slight individual differences.
☆ Due to the use of gold leaf, the color may appear different depending on the lighting conditions. please note that.

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