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Gold glass dish cherry blossoms (24cm, round)

Gold glass dish cherry blossoms (24cm, round)

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  • Kinsai Kogei is a technique of applying gold leaf to fabrics such as obi and kimono, which was established in the Momoyama and Edo periods.
  • This is a decorative plate made in collaboration with a glass processing company using that technology.
  • On the black background of pure silk, which is also used for kimono, various types of foil such as iris foil, light colored foil, ink foil, black foil powder, silver powder, and chalk powder are used to express cherry blossoms.
  • The fabric is specially processed and pasted on the glass and sandwiched with resin.
  • You can use it as an interior dish that colors the season.
  • Comes in a special cosmetic box

Please pay attention to the following items when cleaning the product.
  1. Water, lukewarm water, etc. cannot be soaked and washed.
  2. Microwave, dishwasher and dish dryer cannot be used.
  3. Please do not pour hot water.
  4. Do not rub the resin part on the back strongly.
  5. After use, please wipe the dirt with a sponge with detergent, and then gently wipe it with a wet cloth.
  6. Please be careful not to get water on the adhesive surface of the glass and fabric as much as possible.It may peel off.
  7. If the glass breaks, there is a danger of cutting your hands, etc., so please dispose of it immediately.

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