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Okurifumi ② cloud pattern, purple, with ears

Okurifumi ② cloud pattern, purple, with ears

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  • A letter wrapping that gives a special feeling to an important person.At the time of the funeral, a package for putting a handwritten letter or a photo of the deceased in the coffin to express their feelings and prayers for the deceased.
  • Using beautiful Yuzen Japanese paper that has been carefully hand-dyed one by one in a small studio in Yawata, Kyoto, and using the traditional Japanese technique of origata, which expresses the spirit of gratitude, Kyowazushi makes each one by hand.
  • It can be used as a gift, as a gift for temples and shrines, as a luxury letter/money package, or as a letter package for altars and graves.
  • In addition, it is also recommended to write a handwritten letter to your family and friends as a way to end your life and leave it like a treasure box.
  • No matter how you use it, it will be a letter that resonates with your opponent's heart.
  • Yuzen Japanese paper is dyed with lame.


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