Collection: KAZARINO



Naoki Takeuchi, metal fittings maker

  • Born in Kyoto in 1982.
  • After graduating from university, he joined Takeuchi Co., Ltd. and engaged in the family business of making decorative metal fittings.
  • Mainly engaged in the production and restoration of decorative metal fittings for Buddhist altars, Buddhist altar fittings for temples, and hardware for shrines and temples.
  • In 2020, we will launch our own brand "KAZARINO" with the desire to make KAZARINO more familiar.
  • In the same year, he assumed the position of Representative Director of Takeuchi Co., Ltd.
  • Based on the belief that we want to make people happy with the power of "decoration", which is the essence of Kazari Kanagu, we are taking on the challenge of utilizing the power of "decoration" in various fields beyond the boundaries of the religious industry. .