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Takenaka Gold

Takenaka Kinsai is a workshop in Arashiyama, Saga, Kyoto that develops the technique of Kinsai crafts, which decorates kimonos with gold, silver foil, metal powder, etc. in the fields of "tableware" and "stationery".
Kinsai creates a fresh and glittering expression by performing delicate work repeatedly with foil that is only 0.0001 millimeters thick.It is used for the purpose of complementing the design of the kimono and decorating it gorgeously.It is one of the important techniques that characterize Kyo Yuzen. Using this Kinsai Kogei technique, we are working on product development with a father who is a craftsman with more than 50 years of work experience and a son who is a designer.
In September 2014, we released our first product, "glassmarker-Aya-". While fulfilling their respective duties, we are searching for the “future gold color” that will be inherited into the future.

Hidemi Takenaka (Artisan)

  • Born in 1944 in Oita prefecture.
  • After working for a wedding costume manufacturing company for more than 10 years and being involved in many of the manufacturing processes of Kyo-Yuzen, such as sketching, pasting, and dyeing, and acquiring the skills, he became independent in April 1973.
  • Changed the trade name to Takenaka Kinsai.
  • It targets various items such as uchikake, tomesode, furisode, and hanging.
  • His career spans more than 50 years.

Daisuke Takenaka (Designer)

  • Born in Kyoto in 1981.
  • After working as a designer at a folding carton manufacturer, he became independent in June 2013.
  • Plans and designs paper containers and packaging materials, and plans and sells paper miscellaneous goods.
  • Selected for the 25th Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
  • Kyomono Youth Competition Semi-Grand Prix (2013)
  • Selected for Kyoto Design Award 2014