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Mask band gold-plated (size M/S)

Mask band gold-plated (size M/S)

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  • It is a mask band made by making use of the technology of the metal fittings.
  • Reduces the burden on the ears caused by wearing a mask for a long time and improves ear pain.
  • The design of traditional Japanese metal fittings is arranged in a modern style, and it has a strong presence as a stylish hair accessory.
  • Great for everyday use as well as formal occasions.
  • Please select M (width 12.5cm) or S (width 10.5cm) for size.

☆Please refrain from wiping the surface with alcohol or polishing it with a metal polish, as the varnish on the surface may come off.
☆ As for the size, basically we recommend "M size".
☆S size may feel the pressure of the mask.
* However, we recommend "S size" for those who fall under any of the following cases.
- If you want to wear the mask band around your neck and not hang the mask straps over your ears.
- If you usually use a small size mask and want to use a normal size mask.

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