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key wrap -color- qingshaonayan red

key wrap -color- qingshaonayan red

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"Sei Shonagon" is an original pattern.
The motif is the wisdom board (educational toy) that was popular in the Edo period.
At that time, Sei Shonagon was known as a pronoun of genius.

A key case made by pasting tanned leather and fabric together.
A kimono gold painting craftsman used foil to decorate it.
Since it is a magnet type, it can be easily opened and closed.
Approximately 4-6 keys are recommended.
Comes in a special sticky box.

☆I use the leather of the dye finish.Please note that there is a possibility of color transfer due to moisture or friction.
☆ If it gets wet, wipe it off and dry it in the shade.
☆ Regular oil care is not particularly necessary.
☆ If you use it for a long time, the oil will seep out from the floor surface and it will become glossy.
☆The color of the leather gradually deepens as the tannin component oxidizes.

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