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Unryu Obidome

Unryu Obidome

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Dragons are mythical creatures created in ancient China who were believed to ascend to heaven and bring rain.
It is believed that it was introduced to Japan during the Asuka period.It has become established as one of the auspicious patterns.
You can choose from 3 types of Nyoi Hoju.
  • green amazonite
  • silver hematite
  • yellow amber

Length about 46mm x Width about 59mm

◆ Width of the obi band used ◆
It is for three-quarter string. *Depending on the volume of the room, it may not pass through. note that.

silver 950
You can choose from three types. (green aventurine, hematite, amber)

◆Precautions for use◆
☆When not using for a long period of time, lightly wipe away sweat and oil with a cloth and store in a zippered plastic bag to prevent it from turning black.
☆ If the silver part becomes black, please clean it frequently with a cloth for polishing precious metals or a liquid cleaner.

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