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Kaorifumi ⑰ Akane

Kaorifumi ⑰ Akane

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It has a luxurious texture using pearl and gold dyes.Umebachi has the meaning of good luck.

  • Kaori Fumi, who delivers the "Kyoto elegance" that gives the "fragrance" that sends "feelings".
  • At a small workshop in Yawata, Kyoto, each letter is carefully hand-dyed one by one using beautiful Yuzen Japanese paper, and comes with an incense bag made with Kaorisuto®, an incense stick.
  • Would you like to send your special thoughts to your loved ones by handwriting?It is an elegant letter wrapping called Fumiko in the Kamakura period.Comes with a transparent bag and an address sticker for mailing.
  • A faint scent spreads softly in the hand of the person who received it.
  • Yuzen Japanese paper uses Echizen Japanese paper as a base and is hand-dyed with plenty of pearl and gold dyes.
  • In addition, it is handcrafted with all my heart using traditional Japanese folding techniques that express the spirit of gratitude.
  • It also comes with an incense bag that uses only natural incense ingredients such as black letters and sandalwood from Kyoto, named "Ippukuko".
  • There are 6 colors: Akane, Shu, Nanohana, Wakatake, Sora, and Sumire, and we use carefully selected Yuzen Japanese paper with soft pastel colors and patterns.
  • Machine-made folk art paper is used for the double-layered Japanese paper.

☆If you put the incense bag in the bag when not in use, the scent will last longer.
☆ The natural incense ingredients of the incense bag are Laoshan Sandalwood, Fiji Sandalwood, Dragon Brain, Clove, Kakko, Kuromoji, Cinnamon, and Frankincense.

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