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Linen stole sky pattern pink

Linen stole sky pattern pink

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A stole made of linen fabric dyed with a gradation using a brush to create the image of the sky at sunrise and sunset.
Since the color changes diagonally, the color expression changes both vertically and horizontally on the fabric.
A piece that changes the impression depending on which color you put out in front.

◆ Specifications ◆
  • Material: 100% hemp
  • Color: Yellow x Orange x Pink
  • Size: about 50 x 200 cm (tassle length about 2 cm)
  • Exclusive box: None

☆We recommend that you consult with a dry cleaning company about washing.
☆You can wash it by hand, but please be careful not to overlap or rub it when it is wet for a long time.
☆It may cause discoloration and color transfer. Please be careful not to get caught in the tassel and fray.

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