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Paper mother-of-pearl confectionery plate "Nidan"

Paper mother-of-pearl confectionery plate "Nidan"

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It is a confection plate made of paper coated with lacquer.
Paste the shells on top of the pattern to make it sparkle and shine elegantly.
A design that makes sweets stand out.

☆ The base is made of paper.Pulling it too hard or bending it may damage it.
☆ If the shell continues to touch acidic liquids, the shine may deteriorate.Wipe off with a towel or paper towel if vinegar or wine gets on.
☆ If you are concerned about dirt, soak it in water and gently wipe it with a towel or paper towel that has been lightly wrung out.
☆ Strong impact may cause cracking or chipping. Please handle with care.
☆ Do not use in dishwashers such as open flames, microwave ovens, ovens, etc.
☆ After use, wash with a neutral kitchen detergent and a sponge, wipe with a dry cloth, and dry thoroughly before storing.
☆ Ultraviolet rays are not good for the lacquer coating, so please store it in a cupboard away from direct sunlight.

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